Biometric Screenings


A biometric screening is a general health check that can identify any significant cardiovascular or nervous system problems. This health check provides several biometric measures including: cholesterol levels for full lipid panel and glucose; blood pressure; blood glucose levels and also includes a measurement of height, weight and body mass index (BMI).


  • You need your Biometric Screening results to complete the Health Risk Assessment on the Blue Cross Blue Shield website.
  • If you are unable to make it to one of the above screening locations you can get your biometric screening results from your primary care physician. Use This Form.

Biometric Screening Locations Are Available October – May.

View the Free Biometric Screening Schedule Through December


Common Question:

Does my employer now have all of my medical information? Can this information be used against me regarding employment or healthcare coverage?

No and NO! The employer is provided with depersonalized medical information used to understand what the major health risks are of a general employee population and the costs associated with those health risks. The employer does not have access to personal information in relation to claims, health risks, or health costs. Read more about Nondiscrimination Regulations  and Privacy Regulations in regards to Wellness Incentive Programs.